We are a vendor in the Arise Network of call center companies. We hire independent agents to work  from the comforts of their homes to help us fill customer service opportunities for our fortune 500 clients with high call volumes. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone which is why we are making the hiring process as easy as possible. Therefore, we have excluded the application process that was once required. Please follow the steps below to register with the Arise platform.  Once you have registered, you will be asked to validate your email. Once validated, you will have access to all opportunities available to you. After selecting an opportunity you will be prompted to complete several steps.


  • You will be required to pass a background check for a small fee of $9.99. Some clients require drug testing which is covered. 

  • You will also be required to run a technical scan to ensure your  computer meets company standards. If your computer meet the requirements

  •  Next, you will be asked to take the assessments. Please make sure you are in a nice quite location to avoid any distractions.  

  • Once passed, You will be able to secure your seat for the client course

  • Certification cost varies but is as low as $9.99. You have the option to select more than one client. However, it is recommended that you take one course at a time due to the amount of information learned in such a short time.

  • The course is 3 to 4  weeks. You start earning pay once you begin taking live calls. Because of this difficult time you may possibly begin earning pay in as little as 8 days depending on the client selected.  You must past certification in order to continue on the program. 

  • Their will be a platform fee of $19.75 every two weeks to use the Arise platform .

  • Please reach out to us before selecting a client so that we can advise you of  the pay amount. The pay varies depending on which client you choose to service. Pay range from $8 to $15 with possible incentives and more.

  • You will be paid every two weeks. 

Please follow steps below. 

  1.  Just visit http://www.ariseworkfromhome.com/ or Register Here

  2. Create a profile by selecting Register now

  3. Sign a non-disclosure agreement to access client names & details

  4. Enter the IBO ID 80605 to search for Superior Specialized Staffing Services, LLC or simply enter the FEI Number 813269182

  5. If asked if you were referred please select yes and add csp id 1355648

  6. Last follow this link for further instructions Click Here



Business Phone : 855-341-1311

Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-6pm