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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Have you seen this message in your direct message on Instagram or in your inbox on Facebook? It says, "I really didn't expect this to take me so long, But I finally got it all done. You better love it. I used some of your pictures.I finally got it all done and included some of your pictures. Check them out!Check out your photos. They’re right on top and the link reading ‘3 of your pictures and 3 hours of my time LOL Instagram." If you were like me, you were probably confused and wanted to know what pictures they were referring to.. But, not so quick! Pump your brakes .It's a scam. Yes, it's a new phishing scam out seeking to steal your Instagram or other account information.

Basically how it works is, by clicking on the link, it will basically lead you and other potential victims to a fake and phishing Instagram or other website that steals account credentials. This very well may also, apply to Facebook as well as it has been circulating around Facebook quite a bit.

Now, hopefully you didn't click on the link and attempt to sign into your account, because if so you may as well change you password like right NOW, before your account gets suspended due to fraudulent activities by the scammer. Suppose you clicked on the link? Don't panic, as long as you did not attempt to sign into the page or phishing website that you were Led to, you will be "A" OK! Don't fret my friend.

By the way do not be surprised if the message comes from someone know. You may very well recognize the persons profile picture as your friend or maybe even a relative. I was quite confused when I saw the message came from one of my relative. I thought to myself, What in the world is he talking about? Again, I really wanted to find out. But my instinct told me not to, so I didn't click the link

But again, if you clicked the link and tried to sign into the website with your username and password then your account was more than likely hacked and used to scam people out of their money. Don't forget to change your password. Please be very careful

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